Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worship Hit Parade

I am a worship junkie - my friends and my iPod will back me up on this. If our church resource center gets a new CD in stock, I'm usually one of the first to buy it. When my purse was stolen in 2007, the iPod was the first thing I replaced! Including teaching tracks, my current iPod contains 9,374 songs - in other words, you could listen to it around the clock for 33.8 days and not hear the same track twice, unless you wanted to... and, of course, we do have favorite songs we play over & over again - some for the current season, some for a lifetime. Since my iPod keeps track of which 25 songs I've listened to most often recently, my Top 25 Most Played list below was easy to find. Top 10 CD's are more subjective - clearly I have a broad range of musical tastes, so I thought it would be fun to share a list of favorites, although the idea of being limited to 10 CD's for any length of time... well, thank God for the iPod :)

Gina's Top 10 Worship CD's
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera, We Will Run
Andrew Ehrenzeller, Beauty Is What Remains
Laura Woodley, In Love
Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
Delirious?, Cutting Edge
Hillsong, By Your Side
Paul Oakley/Tim Hughes/Matt Redman, All Around the World
Chris Tomlin, Live from Austin Music Hall
Eoghan Heaslip, Mercy
Terry MacAlmon, Visit Us

Gina's Top 25 Most Played Songs
Michael Gungor Band, "Cannot Keep You" - CD: Beautiful Things
Andrew Ehrenzeller, "Light" – CD: Beauty Is What Remains
Jesus Culture, "Holding Nothing Back" – CD: Consumed
Jesus Culture, "Dance With Me" – CD: Consumed
Jesus Culture, "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" – CD: Consumed
Delirious?, "History Maker" – CD: Deeper
Marcos Witt, "Mi Pan, Mi Luz" – CD: Dios De Pactos
Bethel Live, "Healer" – CD: Here Is Love
Bethel Live, "I Need You More" – CD: Here Is Love
Bethel Live, "Here Is Love" – CD: Here Is Love
Kim Walker, "Open Up Heaven" – CD: Here Is My Song
Kim Walker, "I Surrender" – CD: Here Is My Song
Beyonce, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" – CD: I Am… Sasha Fierce
Heidi Baker, "Holy Hunger" (teaching track)
Michael Bublé, "Save the Last Dance for Me" CD: It’s Time
Jessie Rogers, "How Great Is Your Love" CD: Out of the Fire
Jessie Rogers, "Untame My Heart" - CD: Out of the Fire
Jason Lee Jones, "Spinning Around In Love" – Sounds Come Down
Jason Lee Jones, "Awaken the Child" – CD: Sounds Come Down
Heather Clark, "Pearl of Great Price" - CD: Way Gone Place
Melissa Wise, "Rain Down" – CD: We Cry Out
Chris Quilala, "I Adore You"– CD: We Cry Out
Melissa Wise, "My Romance"– CD: We Cry Out
Chris Quilala, "Your Love Never Fails" CD: Your Love Never Fails
Kim Walker, "Sing My Love" – CD: Your Love Never Fails

Yeah, I was a little embarrassed to see Beyonce and Mr. Bublé on the list ahead of Kim Walker's rendition of "Sing My Love" ?? - but the theme of this blogsite is "speaking the truth in love," so I typed exactly what showed up on the iPod... even though I'd rather those two songs were Heather Clark's "Price of Love" and the Battlecry Worship version of "I Am Free." Years ago I was jumping around my house to a popular Sheryl Crow tune when I felt as if the Lord said to me, "This, too, is worship." Wow, that sobered me. I realized that when we sing and dance with enthusiasm and energy, our hearts are lifted up to something - where was my mind, my heart, my devotion, at that moment? I'm not condemning all secular music, just offering this thought: what are we listening to that shapes and/or reflects what's in our hearts these days?

Well, Beyonce & Michael Bublé might keep me walking uptempo when I'm out for exercise, and a happy song can lift our spirits in a temporal way; but...

May the song of the Lord lift our eternal spirits to behold His magnificent Beauty and rejoice in His amazing Love.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!" Psalm 103:1
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:6

Artists & websites (alphabetical by first name/group):
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera
Andrew Ehrenzeller
Michael Gungor Band

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  1. hey,appreciate your honesty. there is a song on the radio that says we are all created to worship and I choose to worship you. It changes the spiritual atmosphere and it's something that I need to do more. Thanks for sharing.